The Pearl Girls

The Pearl Girls were well on their way to success, they just needed a fresh new style!

The Pearl Girls have been working hard long before they came to Run Ruffian. Time and money had been invested in their web presence, it was now time to upgrade to an even more professional looking and functioning e-commerce website.

The Pearl Girls Before

The Pearl Girls Before

It did take long to determine the right direction. We picked out the perfect theme that was compatible with the e-commerce platform already in place. Then we styled away: edited and reworked content, stirred up the layout a bit so large chunks of content were easier to scan and navigate.

This project was a complete facelift and The Pearl Girls couldn’t be better customers!


A clean, simple new look with creative layout and formatting makes this site a pleasure to visit.

The Pearl Girls continue to manage their site and only occasionally have to call  when they have a technical question.