Salon DM3 Hair Salon

Salon dm3 is a progressive, high-end hair salon located in Athens, Ga.

Already using Facebook regularly, Salon DM3 decided it was time to invest in to a ‘real’ website. Stemming from West Coast roots, we wanted this website to reflect simple sophistication. Specifically, we did not want the website to “look” like a WordPress site.

Run Ruffian interviewed all the stylists and wrote their bios in a manner that reflects the spunk and creative vibe at the salon.

Salon DM3 had no Google presence other than their Facebook page. See them on the first page of Google for the very broad term “hair salon”.

salon dm3 hair salon


Clients schedule appointments online at their convenience.

With some extra technical sav, we embedded the third-party salon appointment solution into the website to make it feel like it is actually a part of the website.