Perspective on Progress

Perspective on Progress needed a progressive website that was mobile friendly.

Perspective on Progress is involved in the promotion of Athens’ and Oconee County’s economic development partnership. So the website needed to be professional and well-organized with information about the annual event, sponsorship and registration; that was obvious. But the design also need to complement the professional brochure designed by a local public relations company. The website and brochure had to match, yet the website still had to look and act progressive.

So Run Ruffian decided on the trendy One Page 100% Responsive website and joined the 2014 web design mania. We decided on the hippest one-page event template out there and customized it to fit the brochure styling – even incorporating a page from the actual brochure as a design element on the website.

perspective on progress

Short bursts of information literally at your fingertip.

Most importantly, guests on the PoP Tour are locked into their smartphones on the bus ride from location to location. Now all they have to do is pleasantly scroll down the single  page website — no clicks, no page refresh, no delay — just smooth sailing . Agenda, tour intros, speaker bios, sponsor info, it’s all there for the taking.