Butler Landscaping

In order to be be competitive in the landscape industry, a search engine needs to be able to find you when potential customers search.

When Butler Landscapes came to Run Ruffian, they were lost somewhere on the world wide web. With that primary concern, Butler Landscapes opted for a fresh, new website with engaging content to keep the search engines happy and to also help potential customers learn just who and what Butler Landscapes is all about.

Butler Landscapes let Run Ruffian write and organize all content; we got a boost from some of the content they already had but expanded and personalized it. Since they were already avid users of Facebook, we were able to take photos from there and integrate real projects into the design as well as directly feed into the portfolio. We took care of relocating the hosting and setting up emails on iPhones and office computers so the staff can stay in sync on both devices.



Improving their SEO has led to a marked increase in traffic as well as new customers.

This site will continue to grow and improve with new project photos and helpful blog articles now that Butler Landscapes has a proper content management system for their business.