UPdate image links using Phpmyadmin

Change URL in Content

WordPress uses absolute path in the URL link instead of a relative path in the URL link when storing them in the database. Within the content of each post record, it stores all the old URLs referencing the old source. Therefore you will need to change all these URLs to the new domain location.


UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content https://wasscota.com/ REPLACE( post_content, 'http://5pointsgrowlers.com/wordpress', 'http://fivepointsgrowlers.com' )
Change Image Path Only

If you decide to use Amazon CloudFront as your Content Delivery Network (CDN) to offload the delivery of images from your server. After your have created your CNAME record, you can use the query below to change all the image paths in WordPress to load all your images from Amazon CloudFront.


UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE (post_content, ‘src=”http://www.oldsiteurl.com’, ‘src=”http://yourcdn.newsiteurl.com’);

You will also need to update the GUID for Image Attachment with the following query:

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid https://wasscota.com/ REPLACE( guid, 'http://5pointsgrowlers.com/wordpress', 'http://www.fivepointsgrowlers.com' ) WHERE post_type https://wasscota.com/ 'attachment'

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