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Power & simplicity

Run Ruffian provides you with a solid online presence that connects you with your audience. Feature-rich and incredibly easy to use, we’ll have your website up and running in no-time.

Fully Responsive

From smartphones to tablets, users are visiting your site from an increasing array of devices and browsers. Our websites are 100% responsive to look great on any size screen or device.

Beautiful & Functional

A  modern, eye-popping design, combined with carefully crafted content and search engine optimization, lets you communicate your message and stand out from the crowd.


At Run Ruffian, we’re pretty darn proud of who we are and what we do. A boutique web design agency, we’re dedicated to capturing your essence and delivering it straight to your audience.

Using an organic, malleable approach to our craft, we occupy the intersection of art and application. We trace the roots of our approach to our home in Athens, GA. Progressive, hip and utterly laid-back, Athens is known for its artistic sensibility. Living amongst such creativity and vibrancy inspires us to reach for the stars.

Blending a tireless passion for website development with an intuitive sense of function makes us your go-to web designer. Our goal is simple: to create excellent websites that make you shine and our hearts burst with pride.

Small enough to take a personal interest in every site we do, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes, Run Ruffian has been designing websites since 2007 and we still LOVE every minute of it. This is when your website becomes a real gamechanger.  Let Run Ruffian take the reins and put your business in the lead.

A brief overview of our Process

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Our Working Process. Simple, yet effective.

1. Learn

We listen to your goals and learn about your audience. Experience your voice and see your inspiration.

Your site emerges and we select the theme with the feel best suited for your project.

2. Design/Build

We think through every design element to support the big picture so that your website is intuitive and easy to use.

Our focus is on how to best engage your audience as well as appeal to the search engine gods. From the words on the page to the presentation and structure of your content, it’s incorporated in our process.

3. Launch

After testing and optimizing, the site goes live. Our hard work pays off. It’s your big debut!

Technical expertise and creativity unite in a beautiful website. With Run Ruffian at the gate,  you can be confident that you’re ready to appear on Google’s front page.

4. Maintenance

After the launch, let us manage your online presence with a maintenance plan.

From blogging to social media, we continue to offer bespoke service to meet your needs. We offer monthly plans with differing price points depending on the level of service in which you’re willing and able to invest.

Who the heck is Ruffian?

The Story of Ruffian.

She was unbeatable. Nothing could get close enough to even nibble on her saddle cloth. Her eleventh and final race, run at Belmont Park on July 6, 1975, was a match race between Ruffian and that year’s Kentucky Derby winner, Foolish Pleasure.

Shortly into the race, Ruffian was in front by half a length when both sesamoid bones in her right foreleg snapped. Her jockey tried to pull her up, but she ran on for another 50 yards, apparently unwilling to give up the race.

Ruffian underwent an emergency operation lasting 12 hours. Tragically, when the anesthesia wore off after the surgery, she thrashed about wildly on the floor of a padded recovery stall as if still running in the race. Despite the efforts of numerous attendants, she broke the cast as well as another leg. The medical team, knowing that she would probably not survive more extensive surgery for the repair of two legs, euthanized her shortly afterwards.

She was known for her incredible love of running and unwillingness to lose. Ruffian was in the lead in every race she ever ran.

Sports Illustrated included her as the only non-human on their list of the top 100 female athletes of the century, ranking her 53rd.

I watched that fateful race on television when I was a horse-possessed preteen. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget yelling “Run, Ruffian!” with fists clenched. When she went down, even while I awaited the news of her condition, I continued to whisper “Run, Ruffian!” under my breath, as if she might hear me and keep going.

Maybe she did, because she still runs in my heart today.



We love building websites because….

knowing that you trust our work motivates us like mad!

Have a look at our previous work

And, yes, we wrote and refined all the content for visitors and for Google.

We do what it takes to get the job done.


By asking good questions, we get to know your business inside and out.

Our expertise goes beyond coding and design — we bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table.

Hand-crafted website development.

While having an online presence is great, overlooking the details can sabotage those efforts. By using a common-sense approach to building websites, our sites are a pleasure to visit and make a great first impression.

A combination of user experience, good taste and marketing chutzpah, great web design is about more than graphic design; it needs to engage your visitors.

Critical to your site’s success, proper layout and predictability make a huge difference to your audience.

With the technical expertise required to build websites from the basic to those loaded with tons of features, we think through every design element to support the big picture.

By asking good questions, we get to know your business inside and out. This enthusiasm enables us to create websites that turn into phone calls to your business. It’s true, we sure do love a good challenge.

Web Design  Services

At Run Ruffian, all of our web design services are included. We feel that we simply can’t build a website without any of the following:

Social Media Management

In today’s world, social media is the online form of word of mouth.

Your prospective customers are spending more and more time on Facebook or Twitter every day.

We offer personalized plans to manage your online presence beyond your website’s launch. Blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, … we’ve got you covered.

social media management

We hear what you’re saying and know just what to do — it’s that simple.

We’re glad to help you.

Meet the pERSON who makeS it all happen

I know you will love your website as much as I do because of the time, effort and love I put into it.


Carolyn Marquez

Web Designer

Carolyn brings to her work as a web designer a lifetime of being attentive—to her clients, co-workers, family, and friends. Her willingness to listen intently has served her well, professionally as well as personally.


With a mobile focus, you can rest assured that your website will respond as it should no matter if your visitors are on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.



Website Design from Athens, GA

Taking your knowledge of your business and our knowledge of the web and creating something pretty awesome.

Get in touch.

Are we a good fit? We’re looking for clients who appreciate close collaboration and want to build and maintain a long lasting partnership. If that sounds like you, then let’s connect and take the next step. Our office, your office – we can meet anywhere that works best for you.

We’ve been designing and developing websites for a variety of clients since 2007, and we’re always looking for the next challenge.

Send us a message at or use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

“We have gotten so many phone calls for weddings from that website!”


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Rhett HallOwner, Oconee Events

“Thanks to our new website we are swamped with work calls!”


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Dan ButlerOwner, Butler Landscapes

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